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Operation Morning Strike[1] is the first major scale operation by the Task Force Talon just before the Oil Crisis. Jefferson and a squad of Delta Force soldiers are sent to assault a base where a Salafist terrorist leader named Imad Kazim (Codename: Vulture) is hiding and capture him.


A Global Hawk flies over the desert, sending images back to a room where General Kelly watches. The general requests Major Jason Richter to confirm his status, when the Major replies affirmatively; Kelly gives the greenlight for the operation, whereupon Richter in turn orders Jefferson to commence his assault on the base.

The Attack

Jefferson and the Delta squad race over a hill and charge straight into the compound by its main entrance, the few terrorists are easily dealt with, and the team sweeps into the compound, killing all opposing forces while simultaneously destroying a barracks.

Kazim attempts to flee with his bodyguards while several terrorists attempt to halt the advance of the team, they are ruthlessly cut down and the team continues chasing Kazim, eliminating all opposition before them with no casualties.

Kazim is eventually cornered at the other end of the base; his bodyguards go down as easily as the rest of the terrorists as he is captured.


Bravo 4 this is Delta 6, we are sending this place right back to the stone age... over and out.
- B-2 Bomber beginning its bombing run

Kazim is apprehended and the team ex-filtrates via a waiting Blackhawk helicopter, a B-2 spirit then flies over the base and bombs it into complete destruction.

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