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Operation Rolling Sea[1] was an operation launched by Task Force Talon in response to the major terrorist attack committed by the Consortium upon the United States mainland in San Francisco.

Our People Need Us Here

Almost all the first response platoons were massacred, and high-alert units will need another 8 hours.
- Jason Richter

Command has lost contact with leading elements of the National Guard sent to the area south of the Golden Gate Bridge; Task Force Talon deploys Sergeant Major Jefferson and a platoon of TFT infantry to re-establish contact with them.

The team carefully makes their way to the main road, along the way; they are ambushed numerous times by terrorists armed with AK-74s, RPGs, and even light mortars. Nevertheless, the team fights their way through each ambush, suffering minor casualties in the process.

When they finally reach the road, they find the aftermath of an ambush the terrorists launched on the National Guard column, dead bodies and burnt-out vehicles litter the whole length of the road.

The team follows the road until they see a small squad of US troops, the troops lead them to a hastily set up headquarters with a field hospital.

Golden Gate Under Threat

The outpost is heavily undermanned and on the brink of destruction, excavators are brought in to repair the base, and build field generators for power as well as a Light armor depot to call in reinforcements.

Once built, the team calls in reinforcements in the form of Bradley IFVs, along with calling up some more marines and javelin soldiers, they proceed to reinforce and garrison the various sandbag shelters surrounding the base and the road to the bridge.

The Armored Column on the bridge

With these reinforcements, the outpost is able to defeat and throwback waves of terrorists with BTR-80 support assaulting the base, reinforcements are called in repeatedly while damaged units are pulled off the lines.

However, Vega eventually reports in with bad news, the terrorists have massed together a column of vehicles and infantry on the golden gate bridge preparing to assault the outpost.

Opening S.F. Air Space

With the potential for the outpost to be overrun, Richter calls in help, he receives clearance for airstrikes, but they cannot do so until a nearby SAM site is destroyed and the airspace is cleared.

Airstrike on the Armored column

Jefferson hurriedly throws together a hodgepodge of units including some of the TFT platoon as well as National Guard units. The group strikes out of the base and assaults the SAM battery a distance away, cutting through more ambushes and sustaining casualties until they reach the site, whereupon they finish off the remaining terrorists, and destroy the SAM before retreating back to the outpost.

With the airspace clear, a large airstrike is launched on the column on the bridge, completely annihilating it.

Financial Interests in Frisco

After the clearing of the Golden Gate Bridge, Jefferson and his team are airlifted to a new base near the San Francisco harbor; the terrorists have seized it and are using it to pour in more weapons and vehicles into the city, and are currently being engaged with the Police and swat teams who have placed the city in a curfew.

Terrorists, including one with SA-7, in downtown San Francisco

Reinforcements are called in and defenses are set up in anticipation of an attack.

In order to secure some funds, Vega provides Jefferson with the location of a nearby Trans-Global Energy office, Jefferson proceeds to root out the terrorists in the area and secures the buildings from a counter-attack with Javelin soldiers and marines.

Healing and Progression

With a safe flow of cash for reinforcements, Richter tasks Jefferson with rooting out a series of blockades and outposts that the terrorists have set up. Eva notes that the terrorists have acquired light tanks in the form of the AMX-13, so Richter starts bringing in Apache attack helicopters to deal with the additional armor.

Jefferson starts his assault, but encounters a nasty surprise when Tunguska Anti-air vehicles appear; the apaches are forced to retreat while Bradley IFVs deal with the Anti-air and quickly destroy it, allowing the apaches to move in for the kill. But the combination of heavy anti-air with light tanks, along with infantry hiding in buildings all over ensure that the US forces have to accept heavy casualties for every piece of ground they gain.

In the middle of all this, Jefferson frees several surrounded police units and even a group of POWs, who are quickly transported back to base to be repatriated.

The checkpoints are slowly eliminated one at a time until eventually; US forces have reestablished control over most of the city, a forward base is set up with a field hospital, and Richter authorizes the deployment of Paladin howitzers.

Peers and Prototypes

It's gonna get tougher from here on out Major, I'm gonna need some bigger guns
- Jefferson requesting assistance

The terrorists have by now, completely holed up in the docks and fortified it with mortars and RPG infantry, making any assault a highly costly affair.

Richter calls up National Security Advisor Chamberlain and requests the deployment of the S.H.I.E.L.D units. Chamberlain angrily denies it; citing the need for secrecy and that no one is supposed to know they even exist, much less allow them to operate in full view of the city. Richter counters by stating that both he and Chamberlain need them for the assault, pointedly asking Chamberlain if he would allow the terrorists to destroy the city on his watch.

Chamberlain relents, but demands that Richter get the job done.

The SHIELD unit

Richter deploys two sets of SHIELD units, and US forces prepare to assault the terrorist position.

First, Paladins are used to soften up the base and destroy opposing artillery pieces, infantry assault teams attack buildings in front of the docks and clear them in vicious fighting before using said buildings as cover to fire on the terrorists.

Next, the S.H.I.E.L.D. units and apache helicopters sweep into the docks and clear whatever remains of the terrorist threat, despite taking some losses from Tunguskas and light tanks, they successfully clear the dock of all remaining terrorists.


Tonight, San Francisco remains a city in ruins. Officials estimate as many as 1200 people may have been killed in the attack, although soldiers continue to sweep the city searching for enemy strongholds, there remains strong suspicion that up to 500 terrorists remain at large...
- A reporter commenting on the aftermath of the invasion

The San Francisco docks in the wake of the final assault.

Although the terrorists have been defeated, the damage inflicted on San Francisco is immense, some terrorists have even escaped to later inflict more damage and loss of life.

With the safety of the USA homeland in question, President Baldwin issues a world wide troop recall, while a smiling Zakharov watches.

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