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Operation Rushmore, also known as the Battle of Washington D.C., was the final battle in The Oil Crisis. The battle involved the death of Consortium mastermind Yegor Zakharov. It started when the Consortium took the US Senate hostage in order to use them to free Zakharov, and ended when several tactical nuclear missiles levelled the portion of the city containing the Consortium base.


In the wake of the Russian Civil War, Consortium leader Yegor Zakharov is captured by Task Force Talon in the base of the rebelling 11th Corp and is extradited to the USA to face trial and imprisonment.

However, surviving elements of the terrorists that launched the Invasion of San Francisco have gathered in Washington D.C. and have taken the US Senate hostage in the Capitol along with fortifying the National Mall, their demand is for Zakharov to be released in exchange for the US Senate.

On landing in the USA, General Kelly orders Richter to let Zakharov go, Richter refuses, claiming that he will not let the Senators die, takes Zakharov with him to a base in front of the mall.


While Richter drives, General Kelly confirms his suspicion that the terrorists are the same ones from San Francisco who escaped and had been waiting for orders until Zakharov had been captured. They had demanded the complete evacuation of all civilian and military personnel and have dug themselves in deep around the Capitol building and the National Mall.

The 81st Armored Division is standing by to assist Richter when he calls for it.

The American way of fighting

With only a small force to start off with, Jefferson is tasked with clearing out several key strong points on both sides of the mall including a barracks and an armor depot. There are also several SWAT units around the area that have been holding key strategic points around the mall and should be linked up with before they are potentially overrun by the terrorists.

Firstly, the barracks to the north of the Mall is targeted, Jefferson strikes out with a small team of vehicles and infantry, and is able to quickly overrun and destroy the lightly defended position without too much difficulty. However, an ambush placed alongside the Mall causes some casualties.

A SAM site is then detected to the South of the Mall in an entrenched position further away, Jefferson takes a small force of Bradleys and infantry and slowly works his way up through the area South of the mall, avoiding the mall itself due to the ambushes scattered all along its sides.

At this point, Rochter requests the intervention of the 81st Armored Division, however General Kelly has lost contact with the 81st and is therefore unable to provide Richter with any help save for a small armored platoon of Apache helicopters and Abrams tanks, Richter chafes at this, and tells Vega to warn the Apaches to stay away from the SAM site.

Slowly but surely, the US forces clear both sides of the Mall, linking up with encircled and battered SWAT teams defending key locations around the Mall as they go. Eventually, Richter decides to take out the terrorist base right in the center of the mall and then use the place to establish their own forward position right on the Mall in preparation to retake the Capitol and free the senators.

Abrams tanks lead the way and clear out the turrets and any anti-air vehicles and infantry in the area, allowing the Apache helicopters to provide their assistance by destroying the remaining vehicles and buildings in the position. In addition, an enemy commander is shot down southwest of the Capitol. Richter proceeds to call a number of dozers to begin the establishing of the their own forward base, this is quickly done as good news arrives for the US forces.

VIPs to Rescue

A squadron of B-2 Spirit stealth bombers has arrived to aid the US forces fighting on the ground, they target and bomb the main terrorist base just outside the Capitol building disrupting their activities and destroying key installations in the base, giving the US forces some breathing room to recuperate.

With the enemy base in disarray from the mass bombing, US forces use the time gained to begin preparing to retake the capitol. More heavy armor in the form of Abrams tanks are called in, M113s loaded up with marines and javelins ready behind them. The recovered SWAT teams with helicopter support comb the sides of the mall and slowly root out and eliminate any remaining enemy forces.

When the assault finally begins, Abrams tanks lead the way into the thick of enemy fire, a number are lost as the tanks begin blasting away at defences while infantry dismount and add their fire to the battle, as this goes on a helicopter with delta force operatives takes advantage of the chaos to assault the capitol building itself directly, the delta operatives easily sweep into and clear the building of enemy infantry while the area outside is cleared up by the Abrams.

With the senators freed they are prepped for evacuation, the mission is accomplished. At this point however, to Task Force Talon's shock, the 81st Armored Division makes its appearance entering the combat zone, before anyone can do anything about it the 81st begins firing on friendly forces in the area. Richter desperately orders Jefferson to grab Zakharov and evacuate, but is too late, as the 81st destroys the compound holding Zakharov and frees him.


With Zakharov now on the loose again, and with Washington D.C. under threat, the secret service prepares to move the president to a more secure location away from the area.

As Marine One lifts off and flies away with the president inside, Zakharov along with a small team with an anti-aircraft missile tries to shoot it down, Marine One deploys flares that deflect the missile away from the helicopter. Undeterred, Zakharov himself proceeds to use a sniper rifle to shoot off one of the helicopter blades, sending the helicopter into a spin and crashing it.

The secret service is able to evacuate the President away from the crash site, although Chamberlain is left behind to be captured by Zakharov.

A Major Hide and Seek Game

News of the crash of Marine One gets to Richter, who immediately orders Jefferson to find and secure the president.

Jefferson deploys into the heart of Washington D.C. with a large group consisting of multiple Strykers, S.H.I.E.L.D units, buggies and infantry, the streets are prowling with numerous groups of enemy soldiers both large and small dressed in and using US equipment. Jefferson has to find a way to the crashed helicopter before the enemy is able to secure the area.

Instead of taking the obvious route along a highway that takes them straight to the chopper, Jefferson opts to take a left turn and then make a right turn to go through the city area where they will be less exposed to enemy fire. The group proceeds to make its way as quickly as possible, heavy snipers scout ahead while Strykers and S.H.I.E.L.D units provide support from the rear, with this method the group is able to destroy several patrols with ease as Repair FAT-Vs keep the vehicles repaired.

Eventually, they reach the crash site in time, but are dismayed to find that there is no one there anymore, Richter notes that the as the President was a soldier in Vietnam, he knows evacuation procedures and has Vega pinpoint the likeliest area where the President might be.

With little time left to spare, the group is forced to move down the main highway, fighting through a number of large enemy groups, they move off the highway and into a park, where they encounter the president still protected by a few delta force operatives.

Escort and Extract

The President has remained fairly unharmed so far through the ordeal, Vega locates an extraction point in a parking lot down the road from where they are. The parking lot is heavily defended however, including helicopters in its defence.

The group decides to force its way through the shortest route along the road on the opposite end of the park. The president is kept in a buggy trailing just behind the group while S.H.I.E.L.D units and strykers spearhead the push, despite some casualties they make it to the parking lot.

The parking lot is heavily guarded with mortars and numerous infantry garrisoned in the buildings surrounding it, an apache helicopter is even in the area to provide further support.

Leaving the president with a few guards just outside the parking lot, Jefferson and the rest of the group move straight into the lot under heavy fire, deltas and snipers assault te buildings while S.H.I.E.L.D units storm straight into the thick of fire with their gatling guns cutting down enemy infantry, they turn their guns on the helicopter when it appears and knock it down as well. Losses are fairly high however, several S.H.I.E.L.D units and a few strykers are loss to Javelin missiles.

Finally though, with the parking lot secure Task Force Talon prepares to evacuate the president, however the president refuses to leave, so Richter relents and tells Jefferson to guard him.

The Law of the Lawn

US forces marshal to assault the now enemy controlled Whitehouse and the final stronghold of the consortium. First a scout team maps out the positions of several enemy points in front of the White House (in real life where the Ellipse or President's Park South would be).

After seeing the enemy points, a large armored force of numerous abrams, bradleys and paladins attacks and destroys all of the points with ease. With that done, Richter then the calls in the rest of the force, excavators and drone constructors work to build a combined base complete with a line of ADATS turrets in front to block any potential enemy attack. At the same time the Consortium begins attacking the base with airstrikes, although each strike is shot down. In addition, a civilian bank is recaptured from the Consortium and begins proving resources to Task Force Talon.

Vega then detects a large armored force building up just North of their position preparing to attack the base, the armored force from before deploys accordingly. The consortium force attacks with captured US equipment including Abrams tanks, however the attack is mostly unsupported and breaks itself on the line of ADATS turrets and friendly Abrams tanks.

With the assault stopped dead, the force then turns its attention to retaking the White House.

Go for the Birds

Richter decides that the first step in retaking the White house is to retake air superiority by destroying the enemy Air Force Control Towers with a combined force of Abrams and Paladins, which finally ends the constant airstrikes. In addition, a repair center that is restoring the Consortium army is destroyed. After establishing air superiority, the plan to capture the White House is finally set in motion;however, the White House is defended by several ADATS turrets. To disable these turrets, Richter sends several Abrams to destroy the generators that are located east of his base and powering the ADATS turrets surrounding the White House. In addition, he sends a small force to capture a bank Southeast of the White House.

However, destroying the generators was not enought to disable the defenses, as there is another set of generators powering the ADATS turrets. Richter sends a small force to destroy the generators, which finally disables the defenses around the White House. After heavy fighting, TFT finally controls the White House.


Zakharov contacts Richter and tells him that he plans to initiate Falling Star with Chamberlain's unwilling help. After Falling Star is initiated, Zakharov kills Chamberlain.

The Last Stronghold

Several Falling Star satellites hit the area north of the White House. Vega tells Richter that he needs to set up a Patriot missile defense. In addition, the enemy is preparing a counterattack. After the deployment of a Patriot ballistic defense system, the Falling Star is blocked; in addition, Richter's forces repel the enemy offensive. After the Patriot system is deployed, Richter is given permission to use Wolverine missiles to destroy the Falling Star uplinks; Richter also saves police officers northwest of the White House and secures the northern bank.

Once the uplinks are destroyed, Richter and Vega find Zakharov's location by tracking Chamberlain's watch; they discover that he is in a heavily fortified base protected by several Electromagnetic shield ballistic defense systems. Richter uses Wolverine missiles to overload the defenses and destroy the enemy headquarters, killing Zakharov.


With the death of Yegor Zakharov, the Consortium has been dealt a severe blow. Task Force Talon believes it has been disposed for good, little do they know that the Consortium have merely retreated, and will eventually return to deal an even bigger blow in the Day of the Consortium.

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