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Our People Need Us Here is the fourth mission of Act of War: Direct Action.[1]



  • Jefferson must not die: If Sergeant Major Jefferson is ever lost or captured, the mission will fail.
  • Move to the U.S. base: Move your units along the path to the other side of the hill. The best way to survive enemy ambushes is to keep all your units together.
  • Put four soldiers in the south sandbags shelter: Put four soldiers in the south sandbags shelter. Only infantry units can take cover in sandbag shelters.
  • Repair the field hospital: Select the excavator and right-click on the field hospital to repair it.
  • Deploy a field generator: Select the excavator and order it to deploy a field generator. This will provide your base with power. Unpowered buildings are inoperative.
  • Deploy a light armor depot: Select the excavator and order it to deploy a light armor depot.
  • Send three Bradleys to the southern road block: Select the light armor depot and click on the "Bradley" icon to chopper one as a reinforcement. Repeat three times. Move the three Bradleys to the area indicated on the map, near the sandbag shelters to the north of your base near the Toll Plaza.
  • Defend the southern base from enemy personnel: Place infantry in all the sandbags shelters to protect them from enemy fire. Use Bradleys to quickly move out and eliminate long range attacks. Don't forget that you can also run enemies over your vehicles. Use the Medevac Black Hawk at the hospital to heal your wounded units.
  • Take as many prisoners as possible: Capture at least one prisoner. Most infantry units can capture prisoners. Hint: Prisoners automatically generate revenue if you have a hospital. Taking prisoners also gives your troops more experience.
  • Defend the U.S. base at all cost: The U.S. headquarters and hospital buildings must not be destroyed. Keep a reserve in the center of your base, and use excavators and Medevac Black Hawks to repair your buildings and heal your troops (note you have no repair facilities for your vehicles).
  • Destroy the SA-12 launcher site near Fort Point: Move to Fort Point and destroy the SA-12 launcher. Use the road through the woods; it is northeast of your base.



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