Sergeant Oz Jackson is a sniper of the Task Force Talon. He only appears in Act of War: High Treason.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Oz Jackson appears first offscreen as leader of the "Beta team" sniper platoon, where they eliminated all the terrorists guarding Senator Watts. He is then transported to JFK International Airport, where he fights through the airport which has been overrun by terrorists to Vice President Cardiff's plane, successfully defending it.

Later, Oz is sent by Richter to Fort McCoy to see Colonel Whitemore, he is threatened first on arrival by Agent Roe, then attacked and captured by the local forces, his team is completely decimated.

Oz is later rescued by a TFT force deployed by Richter, and later in another part of Fort McCoy, destroys several outposts and two large US bases along with stealing several vehicles for his own use.

Oz then assists Jefferson with infiltrating a plane, sniping the heat detecting Delta Force soldiers so that the remainder of the forces in the area flee and allow Jefferson to get in close to plant a beacon.

Oz later participates in all of TFT's operations for the remainder of the conflict, including the infiltration of Cuba, the Battle of Cape Canaveral and the final assault in the Taklamakan desert.

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References[edit | edit source]

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