Pentagon, White House Clash Over Counterterrorism

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Pentagon, White House Clash Over Counterterrorism is a news article from the Act of War: Direct Action game manual.


WASHINGTON, DC – According to unnamed sources at the Pentagon, the President has authorized the creation of an elite counterterrorism unit, one authorized to operate outside of international authority.

Such news, if true, would mark a turning point in America’s fight against terrorism. Historically, even covert units have obeyed standards set by the United Nations during the Cold War.

“Shadow soldiers, operation with impunity?” said one Pentagon official, who asked not to be named. “That kind of unit can undermine our chain of command. And that kind of accountability is one of the tenets on which our modern army is based.”

Details remain sketchy, but there has been speculation that new counterterrorism units are currently operation in the European theater.

Interest in counter-terrorist activities is at an all-time high, following the recent attacks in Zurich and Caracas. (Yesterday, FEMA concluded its investigation into last month’s oil-refinery explosion in Houston, labeling the disaster “an industrial accident.”)

White house officials continue to deny report that any such group exists, and some in the West Wing have gone so far as to question the Pentagon’s motivations.

“The Pentagon has been pursuing an increase in federal funding for some time now,” said one White House official. “Their requests have been met with our full support and both the House and the Senate are considering appropriations bills as we speak. Despite this concrete support, there are factions within the Pentagon that would like to assert their dominance…frankly, they’d like to be the only game in town.”

International reaction has been muted. At last week’s European Alliance meeting in Milan, officials expressed generic support for America’s war on terror. Prime Minister Niles Philpott described America and Britain s “great allies, who stand shoulder-to-shoulder in this deadly and treacherous time.” Attendees judiciously avoided discussing the situation in detail in public. Privately, however, officials expressed support for such a unit. The European Union has historically been more aggressive in the war on terror, and covert units have operated in Europe for decades. French CT units, in particular, are granted a degree of leeway that would be almost unthinkable for an American fighting force.

It is this difference, say Pentagon sources, that must be preserved. “Can we remain a free and open society if we allow this kind of subterfuge to go on?” asked on official.

Administration officials responded to these allegations with disbelief. “Nobody is more interested in keeping secrets than the Pentagon,” said one official. “Somebody is trying to make political hay here, make no mistake about it.”

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