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- Porcupine
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The Porcupine is the Consortium's self-propelled light artillery unit that can be deployed to increase its armor and damage. It can be further augmented with the rapid stealth deployment upgrade, enabling it to be invisible along with decreasing the time it takes to be deployed.[1]


DA Portrait Porcupine TurretMode.png Switch to turret mode
Increases protection and damage considerably, but restricts movement. Ability can only be used if Porcupine is in vehicle mode.
DA Portrait Porcupine.png Switch to vehicle mode
Reduces protection and damage, but allows movement. Ability can only be used if Porcupine is in turret mode.
DA Portrait AttackArea.png Attack area
Selected unit(s) will lay down a continuous barrage of fire at the target location designated.


DA Portrait Porcupine RapidStealthDeploy.png Rapid stealth deployment
Allows the Porcupine to deploy more quickly and gives it stealth capabilities



  • The Porcupine is based on the Soviet 2S9 Nona.

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