Comanche, standing by!
- RAH-66 Comanche
DA Portrait Comanche

Fast and stealthy, but without armament and lightly armored, the RAH-66 Comanches are normally used for scout and recon missions.[1]

However, once upgraded with anti-tank missiles, they become invisible killers, and fast and highly mobile fire-brigade units.


Moving to position now!
- RAH-66 Comanche

During the early 1980s, the U.S. Army began formulating a requirement for the replacement of its helicopters then in service, resulting in the Light Helicopter Experimental program. In 1991, the Boeing-Sikorsky team was chosen to produce prototypes.

The Comanche would incorporate stealth technologies, featuring a number of designs previously untried. It was to employ advanced sensors in its reconnaissance role, and was intended to designate targets for the AH-64 Apache. The aircraft was also armed with missiles and rockets to destroy armored vehicles. Two RAH-66 prototypes were built and conducted flight testing from 1996 to 2004. Since the cancellation the prototypes have been placed on display.


DA Portrait Comanche HellfireII Hellfire II anti-tank missiles
The Comanche can now fire Hellfire II missiles, which are faster than Apache missiles but less damaging.


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