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The following is a list of the rank and experience required for that rank in Act of War: Direct Action and Act of War: High Treason multiplayers.


Image Rank XP required
AoW Rank 1.png
Private 0
AoW Rank 2.png
Corporal (Specialist) 100
AoW Rank 3.png
Corporal 300
AoW Rank 4.png
Sergeant 700
AoW Rank 5.png
Staff Sergeant 1500
AoW Rank 6.png
Sergeant First Class 2500
AoW Rank 7.png
Master Sergeant 3500
AoW Rank 8.png
Sergeant Major 4500
AoW Rank 9.png
2nd Lieutenant 5500
AoW Rank 10.png
1st Lieutenant 6500
AoW Rank 11.png
Captain 7500
AoW Rank 12.png
Major 8500
AoW Rank 13.png
Lieutenant Colonel 9500
AoW Rank 14.png
Colonel 10500
AoW Rank 15.png
Brigadier General 11500
AoW Rank 16.png
Major General 12500
AoW Rank 17.png
Lieutenant General 13500
AoW Rank 18.png
General 14500
AoW Rank 19.png
General of the Army 15500

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