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A coup d’état consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder. Thus, by gaining control over a few carefully selected pivotal points of power within government bureaucracy, the plotters of the coup effectively gain control over the entire “machine” of state. During the presidential election, the key pivot points proved to be few in number, not to mention patently obvious.
- Intro

The Rescue of Senator James Watts was the first major engagement of the Day of the Consortium.


Jefferson tell me they've got another guy named Watts and he's not the one running for election
- An exasperated Richter

On the night of the first presidential debate, Major Richter is awakened by a phone call from Vega. Vega apologizes and only states, "We've got a situation".

An annoyed Richter takes command and orders Jefferson and a squad of Task Force Talon Commandos to mount a rescue with a sniper platoon codenamed "Beta team" covers them. Richter hopes that the Watts that was captured is not the one running for president, but his hopes are dashed.

Jefferson and the commandos drop from a helicopter onto the roof of the building and proceed with their mission.

The Rescue

Jefferson and the commandos cut through the terrorists on the roof, gunning them down as the terrorists approach with no casualties. Upon reaching the sector where Watts is held, Richter orders Beta team into action; the snipers take out all the terrorists guarding the Senator simultaneously with ease. Jefferson than extracts the Senator, whereupon Richter alerts him that Watts will be handed over to the CIA.

The team leads Watts to the extraction point, fighting off an ambush by more terrorists before handing the senator over to Agent Roe of the CIA.

After the helicopter flies off, Jefferson complains about how the CIA will get all the credit for their work, but Richter calms him down and tells him to follow in his own chopper.


News breaks that Vice-President Cardiff and his plane and detail have been trapped at JFK International Airport by gunmen who have seized control of the whole airport, Richter sends Beta team in response, while Jefferson and his team are picked up by a TFT helicopter.