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Robert Chamberlain was the National Security Advisor of the United States during the Oil Crisis. He was secretly affiliated with the Consortium but was at odds with Yegor Zakharov.[1]


Robert Chamberlain served as the National Security Advisor to President Baldwin and was involved in the creation of a direct action military unit called the Task Force Talon. He chose Jason Richter as the unit's commander for his loose cannon personality.

Chamberlain also had connections in high places. He was friends with TransGlobal CEO Harold Kingman, and secretly had ties with the Consortium.

The Oil Crisis

Seeing that there is still a heavy presence of Consortium forces in San Francisco, Richter asks Chamberlain to authorize the use of the experimental S.H.I.E.L.D units. Despite initial rejections from Chamberlain, he reluctantly grants Richter the prototypes to eliminate the Consortium forces and the cargo ships from the city.

Behind the scenes

Robert Chamberlain is portrayed by Nick Mihalovits in Act of War: Direct Action.

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