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The SAS snipers are the sniper infantry units of the British Special Air Service.

They are only useable in the final level, "We're going in!", of Operation Silver Star.[1]


DA Portrait Capture.png Capture
Selected unit(s) will capture all enemy POWs in the target location designated on the map.
DA Portrait Stances Infantry Crawl.png Crawl
Selected unit will change to crawl stance. A crawling soldier is much harder to detect for enemy units, but reduces speed. Ability can only be used if the infantry is in standing stance.
DA Portrait Stances Infantry StandUp.png Stand up
Selected unit will change to standing stance. A standing soldier has increased speed, but can be easily detected and picked off by enemy units. Ability can only be used if the infantry is in crawling stance.
DA Portrait Ambush.png Ambush
Selected unit(s) will hide behind cover, such as trees or civilian vehicles, to do more damage.


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