San Francisco is one of the most populous cities in California, USA. It is located at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and is the focal point of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The city was founded by Spanish settlers in 1776, where they establish a fort at the Golden Gate strait. San Francisco's most famous structure, the Golden Gate Bridge, had began construction in 1933 and was opened 4 years later in 1937.

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In late spring of 2017, San Francisco was the target of a major terrorist attack launched by the Consortium. Caught by surprise, the United States deploys Task Force Talon to assist the local National Guard to dispatch the invaders. The main US response force would arrive several hours later.

After Richter and Jefferson's team manage to secure the southern entrance of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Consortium, Kelly's forces arrive with the air support from the USS Harry S. Truman to eliminate the armored column of BTR-80s on the bridge.

With aid from the US response force, Task Force Talon is able to push the Consortium troops back to the city docks. To break through their fortification, Richter convinces Chamberlain to deploy the experimental S.H.I.E.L.D. units. After intense fighting, the Consortium invaders are neutralized.

San Francisco was left in ruins with a huge loss of civilian and military life. With the safety of the US in question, President Baldwin issues a worldwide troop recall.

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