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Sand Between the Toes Again is the seventh mission of Act of War: Direct Action.[1]



  • Secure the oil well: Eliminate all enemy structures and units around the oil deposit as indicated on the map. Hint: use Stryker vehicles armed with cannons (against enemy vehicles) and mortars (against enemy infantry).
  • Jefferson must not die: If Sergeant Major Jefferson is ever lost or captured, the mission will fail.
  • Build a forward operations center near the oil well: Select a drone constructor and click the forward operations center icon, then left-click on the map near the oil deposit to order it to construct an F.O.C. there. Hint: once finished, the F.O.C. can be used to deploy more drone constructors.
  • Deploy a derrick and a refinery: Use two drone constructors to construct a derrick on the oil deposit indicated on the map, and a refinery next to it. Hint: deploy two additional oil tankers from the refinery to speed up your resource collection.
  • Deploy at least one sentry turret near your base: Use drone constructors to deploy sentry turrets. Note: Task Force structures (except HQs and F.O.C.s) can only to be constructed in the vicinity of headquarters or forward operations centers.
  • Secure the village to the northwest: Send out a strong assault squad to the indicated spot and secure the area. The enemy is hiding in the village. Hint: use a mixed team of infantry and Strykers.
  • Free the hostages: Bring the hostages back to the Task Force Talon headquarters building; they can be found in the area indicated on the map.
  • Investigate the southeast quadrant of the base: Eliminate all enemy presence in this fortified zone. There is evidence to be found there.
  • Destroy the enemy base: Locate and destroy all enemy structures in the area indicated on the map.


  • Destroy the enemy air control tower: Destroy the enemy air control tower indicated on your map to prevent him from launching more MiG-21 airstrikes. You can also dispatch F/A-35s to intercept enemy airstrikes, and/or upgrade our sentry turrets to protect our base.
  • Destroy the SA-12 site: Destroy the SA-12 launchers indicated on your map. Hint: destroy them using Heavy Snipers or Stryker Mortar Carriers.



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