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The sentry turret is the Task Force Talon's fixed base defense during the Oil Crisis and the Day of the Consortium.[1]


The sentry turret starts out as having only a minor machine gun for defense but can be individually upgraded to have an 120mm anti-tank railgun as well as anti-aircraft missile pods. This gives it three separate weapons to deal with infantry, armor and aircraft, making it the most powerful base defense available in the game. The disadvantages for this however that to have both weapon upgrades require both SHIELD and DRONE technologies researched. And the upgrades affect turrets individually, rather than a global upgrade.


DA Portrait SentryTurret Anti-Tank.png Extended anti-tank capability
Costs $200. Adds anti-tank capability to the sentry turret.
DA Portrait SentryTurret Anti-Aircraft.png Extended anti-aircraft capability
Costs $200. Adds anti-aircraft capability to the sentry turret.

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