HT Portrait Shipyard

The shipyard is a production structure built on a dock to facilitate the construction of naval units of the U.S. Army, Task Force Talon, and the Consortium. These large structures are capable of building any type of military vessel, ranging from the small LCAC hovercraft, to the large Tarawa aircraft carrier.[1]

The shipyard can only be built in the Navy gamemode.


Costs $1000. Lightly armored troop transport.

Task Force TalonEdit

HT Portrait SSNSeawolf SSN Seawolf class
Costs $3800. Nuclear powered hunter submarine.
HT Portrait DDX DD(X) class destroyer
Costs $7000. Attack and anti-surface warship.
HT Portrait LPDSanAntonio LPD San Antonio class
Costs $7000. Fast anti-ship and attack missile corvette.

United States ArmyEdit

HT Portrait FFG-7 FFG-7 Oliver Perry Hazard class
Costs $4000. Anti-ship and attack missile frigate.
HT Portrait Tarawa LHA Tarawa class
Costs $9000. Aircraft carrier.
HT Portrait SSN LosAngeles SSN Los Angeles class
Costs $3500. Nuclear-powered fast attack submarine.
HT Portrait ArleighBurke DDG Arleigh Burke class destroyer
Costs $10000. Destroyer.


HT Portrait Tarantul Tarantul class corvette
Costs $2000. Fast anti-ship and attack missile corvette.
HT Portrait Zubr Zubr class landing craft
Costs $4000. Amphibious transport.
HT Portrait Typhoon Typhoon class SSBM
Costs $3800. Anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons platform.
HT Portrait Visby Visby class corvette
Costs $4800. Anti-ship and anti-submarine corvette.
HT Portrait SeaShadow IX-529 Sea Shadow
Costs $3000. Stealth carrier.


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