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The Skirmish on the Kiefer Tower was an event that took place during the Day of the Consortium, it involved Ray Jefferson and his squad attempting to discover what had happened to Senator Watts and the CIA team on the helicopter.


Great except... no cigar lighter.
- Jefferson responding to Richter asking him how it felt to be a future force warrior

When Senator Watts was rescued, he was taken away by a CIA team led by Agent Roe for debriefing. Suspecting something might be up, Richter had ordered Jefferson to tail the flight in his own helicopter.

Sometime during the push to take back JFK international airport led by Sergeant Oz Jackson, Jefferson alerted Richter to the CIA team's helicopter having landed on the Kiefer tower. Frustrated by the night's events so far, Richter ordered Jefferson to get down to the tower and see if they need help.

While on approach to the tower, Richter asked Jefferson how it felt to be a future force warrior. Jefferson quipped that there was no cigar lighter. As they neared the tower, they were fired upon from the top, the helicopter had to retreat and make another pass.


Jefferson and both of his men landed on a corner of the top of the tower, they then proceeded as quickly as they could to the landing pad on top of the tower where the CIA team's helicopter had landed. They encountered numerous terrorists and were even attacked by one with a handheld mortar, but none of them were capable of standing up to the three future force warriors and were rapidly cut down.

Before long, the trio were near the final flight of stairs that would take them to helipad, however Kelly then contacted them with some disturbing news...

Evacuation's bigger than we thought...
- Kelly informing Richter in a panic

Despite Richter being irritated by the General's sudden call, Kelly seemed to be in a panic and demanded that Richter get his team off of the tower quickly before something bad happened.

When Richter pressed him for a reason, Kelly refused to tell him and nearly shouted at Richter, demanding that "for once just do as you're told!"

Surprised by the General's sudden and desperate insistence, Richter ordered Jefferson and his team off of the Kiefer tower. Despite Jefferson's protests about the Senator having still not been found, Richter dismissed it and simply told Jefferson to evacuate.

The team's retreat to the rendezvous point was complicated when numerous heavily armed mercenary teams dropped around the tower and attempted to cut them off from their helicopter. Despite heavy resistance, the team broke through and were able to escape with minimal injuries.


I think we lost him boss...
- Jefferson telling Richter about Senator Watts.

As the helicopter moved away from the building, a sudden explosion completely destroyed the top of the Kiefer Tower and blew the helicopter off balance. Despite giving a "mayday" call, the pilot quickly regained control and declined Vega's possible crash landing site.