Nowdays console games are so popular, and the age of RTS games is long gone. Once famous, C&C series went downhill after the demise of the Westwood Studios. Still near the end of that age there was a nice game that continued the legacy of good old C&C, and it also came with a pretty good soundtrack.nedlee1

This article is the list of Original Soundtracks of Act of War: Direct Action performed by the Nimrod Studio Orchestra. Since Act of War: High Treason doesn't add any new soundtracks, there is no soundtrack article for the expansion pack.

Track List

Track # Title Duration Link
0 (17) Main Theme 8:07
1 Act of War 2:25
2 Lybia 1:59
3 Houston Bomb 2:14
4 Terrorist Movement 3:33
5 Finding the Limo 1:19
6 The Plan Evolves 3:38
7 San Francisco in Ruins 3:42
8 Blitz 2:01
9 The Reveal 0:49
10 Calling the Troops 1:17
11 No Communication 1:33
12 False Hopes 2:03
13 Falling Star 2:36
14 Riot 1:32
15 Terrorist Shootdown 2:20
16 Hostage 2:06
17 The End 8:08

In-game soundtrack

Title Link
World Crisis
Edge of Battle
Military Strength
War Skills
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