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Tacit Rainbow is go!
- Spinner Titan Launcher, when firing

The Spinner Titan Launcher (Titan is from Tacit Rainbow) is a Spinner variant that is armed with a Tacit Rainbow cruise missile.[1]


The Titan Launcher was created of out a need for a true long-range artillery, which the Task Force Talon lacked. The vehicle is a variant of the successful Spinner UGCV, modified with a missile bay to carry a remote-controlled Tacit Rainbow cruise missile.


The Tacit Rainbow missiles will fly over an area until a target is within range. They can be controlled by the player after launch, so can be redirected from their original target. The missiles have unlimited range and can reach any area on the map, but are vulnerable to anti-air fire.

The missiles can be detonated in midair, doing some damage to any aircraft in the vicinity.


DA Portrait AttackArea.png Attack area
Selected unit(s) will launch a Tacit Rainbow cruise missile at the target location designated.
HT Portrait Titan Self-Destruct.png Self-destruct Titan missile
The Tacit Rainbow missile will be detonated in mid-air, damaging any air units around it.


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