Marine SPF!
- Task Force Commando

The Task Force commando is the basic, yet elite, infantry unit of the Task Force Talon.


Task Force Talon commandos have been handpicked from all branches of the US military. Their primary role is to provide eyes and ears on the ground for more-powerful units and to clear and defend buildings. Few infantry units can match up with these commandos in urban combat.[2]


The Task Force Commando is classed as an elite infantry unit yet is still the basic infantry of the Task Force Talon. More powerful than other basic infantry but more costly to train. Yet doesn't really quite match up to some of the other elites. 

That said they are still useful for recon and scouting and will dominate against other basic infantry in the early game, thanks to their solid damage and fast firing rate on the basic level. In numbers, they also pose a threat against helicopters as well.


DA Portrait Capture Capture
Selected unit(s) will capture all enemy POWs in the target location designated on the map.
DA Portrait Stances Infantry Crawl Crawl
Selected unit will change to crawl stance. A crawling soldier is much harder to detect for enemy units, but reduces speed. Ability can only be used if the infantry is in standing stance.
DA Portrait Stances Infantry StandUp Stand up
Selected unit will change to standing stance. A standing soldier has increased speed, but can be easily detected and picked off by enemy units. Ability can only be used if the infantry is in crawling stance.
DA Portrait Ambush Ambush
Selected unit(s) will hide behind cover, such as trees or civilian vehicles, to do more damage.


DA Portrait CQBCapture CQB Capture Training
Increases the number of surviving enemy crew members and heavily wounded soldiers on the battlefield.
DA Portrait GUOSDrone GUOS Drone Deployment
Costs $1000. All Task Force Commandos can launch GUOS drones for scouting purposes. GUOS drones reveal all stealth units.
HT Portrait FFW Future Force Warrior (High Treason)
Costs $550. Upgrades the Task Force Commando to a Future Force Warrior.
DA Portrait GUOSDrone GUOS Mine (High Treason)
In High Treason the GUOS Drone Deployment upgrade enables TFT Commandos to deploy GUOS Mines instead of GUOS Drones, they have the same functions as the drone and can be remotely or automatically detonated. In addition to the $1000 cost of the upgrade, each GUOS Mine costs a further $200 to deploy.


Yes sir?
- Selected
On the way
- Moving
Hands behind your head!
- Ordered to capture.
Prepared to turn over prisoner of war.
- Capturing enemy
Going in!
- Assaulting a civilian building
Move! On my signal!
- Attacking
I could use a doctor right about now!
- Heavily wounded
Christ! I've lost half my arm!
- Heavily wounded


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