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We need men on the ground pronto. We need Task Force Talon.
- Morrison Kelly

The Task Force Talon (abbreviated TFT) is a top-secret U.S. military branch. Its members are the best from all branches of the U.S. military. They are equipped with cutting-edge weapons and combat equipment.

The Task Force Talon are a direct action team, the opposite of covert ops, and intended to be able to counter any situation in the world within 24 hours. Under the command of major Jason Richter reporting directly to the White House, the TFT has access to experimental high tech and intelligence sources outside the normal chain of command.

Task Force Talon combat tactics should rely on speed and flexibility rather than firepower. Even more so than most conventional armed forces, a successful TFT commander must be careful not to lose his units to the enemy.


Task Force Talon includes units that at the time of the game's release were either cutting-edge, experimental or fantastic. These units include RQ-4 Global Hawk, an unmanned air vehicle, the S.H.I.E.L.D. unit, an infantryman wearing an exoskeleton suit equipped with both machine-guns and rockets, and the Spinner Tank, an unmanned remote-controlled tank that can change its weapons from an anti-tank gun to an anti-air missile launcher or to a bomb drone.

Task Force Talon focuses on versatility. For example, the Buggy, Task Force Talon's reconnaissance vehicle, can be upgraded with Anti-air missiles and become an anti-aircraft unit; meanwhile, FA-35 Joint Strike Fighter of Task Force Talon is a multirole combat aircraft that can attack both buildings and enemy aircraft. This versatility however, comes at a cost: Task Force Talon units and upgrades are very expensive. Therefore, losing too many units early in a game could quickly decide the outcome of the battle.

In-game, the TFT begins at Battlefield TECH and can purchase basic infantry and tanks. TFT uses Drone Constructors as their building and repair units. They are small unmanned treaded vehicles that contain the blueprints for every building available. Drone Constructors cost half as much as their US and Consortium counterparts but the Drones must be sacrificed to build structures. TFT does not have to worry about power like the other factions; as long as their buildings are within the vicinity of an HQ or Forward Operation Center, the buildings will be powered. The tradeoff of course is that every building will be unpowered if the HQ or FOC is destroyed. TFT is the strongest faction in the early game in terms of power, with their infantry and tanks capable of overpowering several of their US and Consortium counterparts.


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  • In the Fatal Error campaign DLC for Wargame: European Escalation (another Eugen Systems game), a Task Force Talon serves as the main playable unit, like the TFT of Act of War, it also focuses on fast and rapid response to enemy actions, although in this case with Cold War era technology rather than the semi-futuristic TFT from Act of War.

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