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The Oil Crisis was a worldwide conflict in 2017 involving the United States and the Task Force Talon fighting against the Consortium, a shadowy syndicate consisting of terrorist groups and renegade Russian and American military assets, set against a global energy crisis.


Oil prices are at an all time high, peak oil has come and gone, however, the TransGlobal Energy company has a plan for reversing the situation.

A new oil refinery complex is to be built in Egypt that will tap the previously untouched oil reserves of the country and will hopefully provide relief and cheap fuel to the world and give breathing space that can be spent on developing more renewable resources.

However, someone doesn't want those prices to be lowered, a series of terror attacks are triggered against not only the TransGlobal Energy company, but also many other oil and energy companies, driving the price of crude oil far higher than anyone has ever seen since the 1970s. (TGE, whose prices are the lowest, is still forced to maintain $78 per barrel during the game's events, a graph shown in an in-game cutscene shows everyone else's price skyrocketing above $80).

Major engagements