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Traffic Jam is the third mission of Act of War: Direct Action.[1]



  • Jefferson must not die: If Sergeant Major Jefferson is ever lost or captured, the mission will fail.
  • Enter Grosvenor Square sector: Move to the Grosvenor Square sector and await Richter's further commands.
  • Move to the U.S. Embassy: Proceed to the U.S. Embassy along the main road straight ahead, then make a right after the park.
  • Defend the U.S. Embassy: Place your units around the front the Embassy to protect it from enemy attacks. Use the ambulance to heal wounded soldiers, and the barracks to call in reinforcements.
  • Clear and secure Grosvenor Square: Eliminate all enemies in Grosvenor Square park. Use trees for cover and watch out for ambushes.
  • Secure the Wentworth Hotel: Move at least one soldier inside the building. The more soldiers you use for the attack, the fewer casualties will you take.
  • Clear the enemy stronghold: Move at least one soldier inside the building. Note that Jefferson can often clear a building by himself.
  • Clear the last enemy stronghold: Use snipers to clear the area, then enter the building with at least one soldier. Note that snipers can target enemies inside buildings from a distance.



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