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The Tunguska is a Russian tracked self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle used by the Consortium during the Oil Crisis and the Day of the Consortium.[1]


The 2K22/9K22 Tunguska was built for a main purpose: superior ground-to-air support. With medium speed, relatively decent armor and twin 30mm rapid-firing guns, it's an excellent escort unit for ground forces or a typical second line of air defense for a base. It can also serve as an anti-infantry medium tank that the Consortium really needs in the early game.

The Tunguska is not all that useful against the TFT. Though a perfect counter to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, it is ineffective against other air units. The SA-7 on the other hand, is preferably the better anti-aircraft unit, since it just packs a better punch and is not easily targeted by TFT air.


DA Portrait Tunguska Radar.png Extended radar and stealth detection
Gives Tunguskas the ability to detect stealth air units, plus a 100 percent increase in detection and shooting range against all aircraft.


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