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The Typhoon Class Strategic Missile Submarine is the missile submarine of the Consortium in the Navy gamemode. The Typhoon submarine requires a field prison camp, costs $3800 and is deployed at the shipyard.[1]


The Typhoon has stealth and stealth detection capabilities. When attacking, a Typhoon submarine will launch one homing torpedo against its target every 20 seconds. These will loiter around in the target area for 25 seconds, or until they find a target. It can also surface to launch two Tomahawk missiles against enemy structures.


The Typhoon class was developed under Project 941 as the Russian Akula class (Акула), meaning shark. It is sometimes confused with other submarines, as Akula is the name NATO uses to designate the Russian Project 971 Shchuka-B (Щука-Б) class attack submarines. The project was developed with the objective to match the SLBM armament of Ohio-class submarines, capable of carrying 192 nuclear warheads, 100 kt each.

However, at the time, state-of-the-art Soviet SLBMs were substantially larger and heavier than their American counterparts (the R-39 is more than two times heavier than the Trident I; it remains the heaviest SLBM in service worldwide). The submarine had to be scaled accordingly.


HT Portrait NavalRadar.png Turn on naval radar
Considerably extend the ship's visual range. Reveals the ship's position to the enemy.
HT Portrait RepairMode.png Repair mode
Orders the ship to repair itself. While repairing, the ship cannot attack or defend itself. Ability can only be preformed if the ship has taken damage.


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