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Medevac deploying!
- UH-60Q Medevac Black Hawk

The UH-60Q Medevac Black Hawk is a variant of the UH-60 Blackhawk and the primary medical evacuation helicopter of the U.S. Army.


The Medevac Black Hawk is fast and has moderate armour protection. It is capable of healing nearby infantry units when landed, and can evacuate up to eight incapacitated personnel.

In High Treason, the healing mechanic was changed and the Medevac will no longer passively heal or evacuate infantry. Instead, it will land and deploy a healing "aura" for several seconds, restoring the health of all nearby infantry units, including incapacitated ones. The healing aura has to be recharged before it can be used again.


DA Portrait HealZone.png Heal zone
Medevac Black Hawk will automatically heal all wounded units within the zone designated on the map, prioritizing the ones closest to the center.
DA Portrait ReturnToHospital.png Return to hospital
Medevac Black Hawk will return to the nearest field Hospital.
DA Portrait Stances VTOL Land.png Land
Helicopter will land, allowing it to heal infantry on the ground and avoid anti-air missiles. Ability can only be used if the helicopter is in the air.
DA Portrait Stances VTOL TakeOff.png Take off
Helicopter will take off from the ground, allowing for movement. Ability can only be used if the helicopter is landed on the ground.


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