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USS Truman to the Rescue is the sixth mission of Act of War: Direct Action.[1]



  • Jefferson must not die: If Sergeant Major Jefferson is ever lost or captured, the mission will fail.
  • Destroy beachhead defenses: Click the F/A-18 icon, then left-click on the map to designate its target. You need to eliminate all enemy troops and structures on the beach. Note: the F/A-18's guided missiles and bombs will only hit hot targets; NOT empty buildings or open terrain.
  • Defend the area and deploy four Global Hawks: Defend your base with Task Force Commandos, buggies and heavy snipers. Order your aircraft control tower to deploy at least four Global Hawk drones. Note: the Global Hawk drones can only attack vehicles; not structures or infantry.
  • Destroy the artillery convoy: Locate and destroy the enemy artillery convoy with Global Hawk drones.
  • Destroy the enemy SAM site: Reach the SAM site and destroy it with infantry units, but be careful of enemy forces. Use your Task Force Commandos against infantry and your heavy snipers against vehicles and structures.
  • Destroy the enemy's radar: Destroy the enemy radar site indicated on the map. Hint: take out enemy anti-aircraft installations with infantry before bombing enemy structures with F/A-35s. Incoming enemy aircraft can be intercepted by an F/A-35s airstrike in the direction of the enemy.



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