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Bomber, on the move.
- Ural bomber
DA Portrait Ural-375D Bomber.png

The Ural bomb truck is a modified version of the Ural tanker armed with an explosive charge, which can be detonated at will.

It loses its ability to collect oil, but cannot be recognized by the enemy. It can be differentiated by Consortium commanders through their flickering lights.[1]


- Ural bomber

The Ural bomb truck is usually used as a last resort if you have some harassers near your oil derrick and refinery, or to support your BTR-80s when going up against Strykers. A well placed bomb truck can turn the game around completely. It is also sometimes used very early game to blow up a couple of enemy tankers on maps like A Bridge Too Far. This can be used for crippling a U.S. Army HQ seller or for emptying a building filled with infantry.


DA Portrait Ural-375D Bomber Detonate.png Detonate the Ural bomber
The Ural bomber will be destroyed, causing a large explosion that damages and destroys nearby units.

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