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The V-44 Heavy Transport VTOL Rotorcraft is the large, four rotors-propelled logistical helicopter of the Task Force Talon.[1]


The V-44's cargo bay can transport up to eight infantry units or two to three vehicles (depending on the size of the vehicles); it can also function as a limited gunship against enemy infantry, being equipped with nose-mounted twin Gatling machine-guns.

Although fast and has moderate resistance to enemy fire, it is still advised for it to stay clear from Anti-Air vehicles whenever possible.

A stealth upgrade is available for the V-44, making the aircraft invisible until opening fire, loading/unloading, or being detected by an enemy recon unit.


DA Portrait V-44 StealthCapacity.png Stealth capacity
All V-44s will have stealth capability except when firing or loading/unloading units.



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