DA Portrait Vehicle Command

The vehicle command center is the primary vehicle deployment center of the Task Force Talon. It allows for the deployment of the scout units the Buggy and the RAH-66 Comanche, as well as the deployment of the highly versatile Stryker ICV.[1]



DA Portrait Buggy Buggy
Costs $1000. Scout vehicle.
DA Portrait Stryker Stryker ICV
Costs $1200. Medium transport.
DA Portrait Comanche RAH-66 Comanche
Costs $2400. Stealth light recon helicopter.


DA Portrait Buggy Stinger Buggy light Stinger launcher
Allows the Buggy to fire a stinger missile at all air units.
DA Portrait Comanche HellfireII Comanche Hellfire II anti-tank missile
Allows the Comanche to fire a pair of Hellfire II missiles.


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