Visby, standing by.
- Visby
HT Portrait Visby

The stealthy Visby class corvette is equipped with a heavy gun for indirect fire. The Visby's main armament is the long-range anti-ship missiles that fires every 6 seconds.[1]

The Corvette is also equipped with a ping radar and a Cougar helicopter. The Visby requires a "Revealed" status at Headquarters to be built.


Sir, we're under fire!
- Visby

The Visby is the latest class of corvette to be adopted by the Royal Swedish Navy after the Göteborg and the Stockholm class corvettes. The ship's design heavily emphasizes low visibility or stealth technology. The first ship in the class is named after Visby, the main city on the island of Gotland. The class has received widespread international attention because of its capabilities as a stealth ship.

The ships are designed by Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and built by Kockums AB. The first ship of the class was launched in 2000 and since then the construction has been fraught with repeated delays. Finally in December 2009, the first two ships of the class were delivered to the Royal Swedish Navy by the FMV, albeit with greatly reduced operational capability.


HT Portrait Cougar EC 725 Cougar
Costs $1000. Anti-submarine helicopter. Only one is allowed per corvette.


HT Portrait RecallAircraft Ship Recall all aircraft
The EC 725 Cougar will immediately return to the corvette. Ability cannot be preformed if the EC 725 Cougar is already landed on the corvette.
HT Portrait NavalRadar Turn on naval radar
Considerably extend the ship's visual range. Reveals the ship's position to the enemy.
DA Portrait AttackArea Attack area
Selected unit(s) will lay down a continuous barrage of fire at the target location designated.
HT Portrait RepairMode Repair mode
Orders the ship to repair itself. While repairing, the ship cannot attack or defend itself. Ability can only be preformed if the ship has taken damage.



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