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The Wolverine missile silo is the tactical weapon of the U.S. Army. It builds, then fires a single very powerful missile towards the target area, destroying the surrounding area if it hits. However, the missile can be intercepted by any counter-tactical weapons.[1]


The Wolverine missile silo can be upgraded with Plasma charge technology to give the missile even greater damage, turning the standard Wolverine missile into a miniature nuclear missile.

A salvo of Wolverine missiles were used to overload the Electromagnetic Shield Ballistic Defenses that protected the Consortium base at the end of the Battle of Washington D.C., completely annihilating the area.



DA Portrait Wolverine Warhead.png Nuclear cruise missile
Costs $3000. A maximum of one warhead can be deployed.
DA Portrait Wolverine Warhead Plasma.png Plasma-charged nuke
Costs $3000. Requires plasma charge technology.


DA Portrait Wolverine PlasmaCharge.png Plasma charge technology
Costs $2500. Turns the standard Wolverine missile into a miniature nuclear missile.

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