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What d'you need, red route?
- X-32 JSF

The X-32 Joint Strike Fighter is a multipurpose VTOL aircraft utilized by the Consortium IX-529 Sea Shadow for offensive purposes.[1]


Okay red route, I'm moving to target
- X-32 JSF

In-game the X-32 behaves, for all intents and purposes, as a helicopter in that it doesn't enter and leave the map like most airstrikes. Instead, it will fly in tight circles around an area or land on the Sea Shadow to reload. It is armed with one cruise missile to engage enemy sea vessels and an infinite amount of anti-air and anti-tank rockets.


HT Portrait RecallAircraft.png Recall aircraft
Orders the X-32 JSF to immediately return to the IX-529 Sea Shadow.


When selected

  • What d'you need, red route?

When ordered to move

  • X-32 to red route
  • I'm moving to target
  • X-32 moving to target
  • Okay red route, I'm moving to target

When ordered to attack

  • X-32 to red route, target is locked!
  • Target is locked and confirmed, missiles are go!

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