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This is YF-23, commencing airstrike!
- YF-23 Black Widow II

The Northrop YF-23 Black Widow II is the Consortium's multirole fighter and was designed for multirole missions: air superiority, close air support, and precision bombing. Its stealth technology makes it invisible to low-technology radar.

Originally the unit was armed with two anti-air missiles, two anti-tank missiles, and (after upgrading) two guided bombs. In High Treason its missile ammo is no longer limited, and it will engage enemy aircraft and vehicles one at a time, each, on the way to its destination. Its bombs are still limited to two.


The YF-23 is a fighter-bomber capable of dispatching ground or air units with relative ease. It is the only fixed-wing aircraft available to the Consortium. With the EGBU-15 upgrade, it becomes a true all-purpose aircraft, capable of intercepting aircraft, attacking enemy vehicles, and launching precision bombing strikes on structures. This versatility comes at the cost of the YF-23 being only decent at each of those roles compared to its more specialized counterparts, like the F-35, A-10 Thunderbolt II, and F-15 Eagle.

The YF-23, like the Global Hawk, is equipped with stealth technology. Without early warning radar, it cannot be detected and attacked until it reveals itself by using its payload.

In some cases it may be wise to tech up to these instead of going for Akulas. It is very capable of handling the TFT F-35 if used correctly. Remember it has stealth capabilities, but it will break if it fires upon a target or drops a bomb. Also remember that if you’re enemy does not have the early warning radar. Nothing will be able to shoot it down until it breaks stealth. Not even base defenses. Getting these fast will therefore come as a greater surprise than most other things. However their bombs need to be upgraded from the air control tower.


DA Portrait YF-23 EGBU-15.png EGBU-15 laser-guided bomb
Enhanced laser-guided bomb for the YF-23 that causes tremendous damage to buildings.


Going direct to target!
- Selected to attack
Missiles away!
- Attacking
Missiles are inbound!
- Attacking
Fox two!
- Attacking
Fox three!
- Attacking
I'm out, I'm out!
- Finishing attack
Mayday, mayday! Ejecting, aw sh*t!
- Destroyed


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