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I am a capitalist...
- Yegor Zakharov

Yegor Viktorvich Zakharov is a Russian militant who serves as the main antagonist of Act of War: Direct Action. He directs the operations of the Consortium in its anti-hegemonic objectives against the United States of America.[1]

Zakharov's Speech

Comrades! Your country calls to you at its darkest hour.
Our enemy is gathering at the gates.
President Petrenko  is their puppet.
He lays down before them and he asks you to do the same.
Will you lay down?
They come with their tanks and their bombs.
The imperialists are on the move.
They are entering our country under a web of lies.
They must be stopped, and WE WILL STOP THEM!
You are the tip of the spear, the edge of the sword.
Lead and they will follow.
Show your countrymen what it means to be a true patriot!
Follow me, my brothers! Let us turn back the imperialist invaders and defend our motherland!

Behind the scenes

In Act of War: Direct Action, Yegor Zakharov is portrayed by Phil Harrison.



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