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After evacuating from Fort McCoy, Task Force Talon continued to track the plane that took off from the Fort and found that it had landed on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Task Force Talon moved there to continue their investigation with as much of the heavy equipment that they "acquired" from Fort McCoy.


Well it's a good thing we're in Mexico then...
- Richter on TFT being disavowed

After hurriedly leaving Fort McCoy and the US mainland under the charge of treason, Task Force Talon tracked the Globemaster all the way to the Yucatan Peninsula where it landed. Determined to find out more about what was going on, the Task Force deployed the equipment it had captured at Fort McCoy to the Peninsula.

Setting up a base

Jefferson lands first a fair distance away; his group contains several Abrams that were taken from Fort McCoy as well as stingers and a few FAT-Vs. He slowly fights his way through the opposition, taking note of the fact that the enemy is using Russian equipment rather than stolen US equipment.

Richter reminds him that the Consortium died out at the Battle of Washington D.C; Jefferson responds that he is just reporting what he is seeing.

Eventually, the group is able to fight their way onto a raised position with an oil derrick on it; it is weakly guarded and it is quickly taken out. Oz's group is soon brought in on a V-44 as reinforcements along with several bulldozers to build a base.

Assaulting the stronghold

Upon setting up a base, the team prepares first for the inevitable counterattacks. The Abrams tanks watch the front and the rear is guarded by a pair of turrets and a few Paladins, while the top of the base is guarded from helicopter assaults by stingers in ambush positions.

Meanwhile, Vega briefs Richter on the X-357 virus and its properties.

Each wave is thrown back while TFT builds up to assault the base. Kiowa scout helicopters move about and watch movements coming and going from the stronghold, allowing TFT the ability to predict the movements of its enemy ahead of time. The helicopters also conduct raids on the strongholds, destroying artillery pieces that might hinder the advance while staying clear of the railgun turrets and handheld SAMs.

TFT also brings in the MLRSs used at Fort McCoy to provide extra firepower, using turrets to guard the base. The Abrams, MLRSs and a few stingers go along the coast unhampered from artillery fire and are able to strike the Base headquarters from the rear where there is little resistance and destroy it without much difficulty.


Not our V-44! Now we're stuck here!
- Richter lamenting the loss of TFT's transport

As they search for clues as to the whereabouts of the samples now, Vega alerts everyone to a submarine that has just surfaced offshore; the sub proceeds to fire a single missile at the base, destroying the V-44 that TFT used for transport.

Dismayed by this sudden occurrence, and worried about future attacks, Richter presses Vega to find a way out; she locates a Visby class corvette South of the base that they can use, but they will have to hurry before the Consortium forces in the area destroy it to prevent its use.

The base with the Visby is heavily guarded with more artillery and railgun turrets. TFT has no choice but to throw everything they have against it as they are running out of time and have few other assets to use. Paladins and MLRSs backup the Abrams by counterbatterying the artillery as they storm through and destroy the railgun turrets; both Oz and Jefferson join in and support by taking out AT missile teams.

Despite some losses, they are able to clear the area and secure the Visby for themselves to evacuate, leaving behind most of their equipment.


Task Force Talon is able to capture the Visby class corvette before the Consortium forces destroy it to deny them its usage; they then use it to evacuate from the peninsula and chase down the typhoons believed to be carrying a sample of the X-357 virus.